Creating My Brand Look Book

One exercise for Module 2 by Make it in Design was to create a Look Book for my brand. This book should include words, a logo, colors, fonts, and graphic elements.

Beth Baxter Studio Brand Look Book
Beth Baxter Studio Look Book Tag Line

The first step was to come up with words that describe how I want my brand to feel. The 6 words, Passion, Wonder, Whimsy, Create, Explore, and Inspire have resonated with me and my creative journey for several years and still feel relevant.

Next up was to choose a color palette. I love this bright, bold palette that has a global influence.

Beth Baxter Studio Brand Look Book Color Palette
Beth Baxter Studio Brand Look Book Fonts

Then it was time to choose my fonts. I wanted letters with distinctive shapes that were also easy to read. I chose 2 fonts for my logo that match my brand personality, plus several other fonts for various purposes.

For my logo, I created a circular shape using one of my favorite doodle patterns. The green one is my main logo, but I created other color versions for times when the green one doesn’t seem quite right.  

Beth Baxter Studio Round Logos
Beth Baxter Studio Rectangle Logos

Sometime a rectangular logo fits better in the spot you want to put it.

I created 2 circular and 2 linear graphic elements to use in my branding and marketing graphics.

Beth Baxter Studio Graphic Elements
Beth Baxter Studio Brand Pattern

And because I’m a pattern designer, it seemed appropriate to create a branded pattern.