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Hi, I’m Beth

I’m a pattern designer and illustrator with a passion for shape, color, pattern, and all the wonders that the world has to offer. My favorite subjects are florals and nature, geometric shapes and whimsical doodles. When I’m not busy designing, you can find me walking with my camera, gathering inspiration from nature and from my city neighborhood. I sell my nature illustrations and patterns on a variety of products at Redbubble and Society6, and also have designs available to license.

Photo portrait of Beth Baxter

My Inspiration

Pattern of green birds on a line of blue circles

I’m a nature nerd and love to identify and learn all about the plants and animals that I find. I’m even doing a citizen science project making observations of when flowers bloom, when leaves change color, and when birds and other animals are active. While I’m doing all this I’m soaking in nature’s colors, textures and patterns to use in my designs and illustrations.

Photo of detail of stained glass window

My Photography
I love to take long walks with my camera, snapping shots of whatever catches my eye. Sometimes it might be a colorful flower, sometimes a lovely architectural detail. I use these photos as references for motifs, patterns, and color palettes.


My Mixed Media Sketchbook
I keep a sketchbook where I draw, doodle, paint, and collage. I do this for the pure joy of creating, but often one of my pages will spark an idea for a pattern or illustration.

My Process

I always start a design project with some source of inspiration. It might be one of my photographs or a page in my sketchbook. Or it might be a mood board that I made in response to a current design trend.

I draw the motifs for for my patterns and illustrations with a black pen, then scan them into my computer.  I then trace trace them in Adobe Illustrator to create vector shapes. I add color to the elements and layout the design.


Collage of my design process with a mood board, sketches, and finished pattern.