My 5 Favorite Art Journal Tools

I keep my daily art journal tools simple and non-messy. I want to be able to grab them quickly and avoid a complicated set-up or clean-up.

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1. Pitt Artist Pens
I like the super-fine for writing and doodling, and the brush tip for filling in large areas of black.

Art Journal Tool: Pitt Artist Pen

2. Scissors
I do a lot of collaging in my art journal so a sharp scissors that feel good in my hand are a necessity.

Art Journal Tool: Scissors

3. Glue Sticks
Those papers I cut up need a way to get stuck in the journal. Glue sticks are the least messy way to accomplish this.

Art Journal Tool: Glue Sticks

4. Tombow Brush Markers
These are my go-to supply when I want to add some color to a spread.

Art Journal Tool: Tombow Dual-Tip Marker

5. EK Punches
I love circles and a punch is a quick and easy way to create them. And I really like how compact these EK punches are to store.

Art Journal Tool: Hole Punch

What are your favorite art journal tools?

My Top 5 Art Journal Tools


A Hike Without My Camera-What?!?

I know, for this shutterbug taking a hike without my camera almost made me feel naked. How did this happen, you ask? Well, right before I left for my hike at Rock Springs Serpentine Barrens I took my memory card out of my camera to transfer photos to my desktop. Yup, you guessed it, I grabbed my camera without putting the memory card back in. When I got to the park, I pulled out my camera to take a photo of the sign and was sorely disappointed. If I had been closer to home I might have gone back to get the memory card. Instead, I locked my camera in the car and started my hike.

Because this park is maintained for habitat instead of recreation, the trails are not marked or well maintained, but that does not deter this adventurous gal. The trail through the grassy area was easy to follow but narrow and very muddy. If I tried to walk around the mud, thorny vines attacked my clothing. I made the decision that muddy shoes and feet were better than constantly untangling myself from thorns and weeds. I don’t know if the trails are always this muddy, or if it was our unusually rainy summer and fall.

As I walked, I kept seeing great photo opportunities, but alas, that no camera thing. I tried to forget about taking pictures and just soak up the atmosphere. Most of the park was still green, but there were hints of fall colors, along with late summer wildflowers. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the air was the perfect temperature. I eventually found myself not caring about making that perfect composition and just seeing everything as it was, growing, decaying, contributing to the cycle of life. I should do this more often. Although not too often, because I do love taking and sharing photos. I promise, the next blog post I make will contain photos!

A Hike Without My Camera


John Muir Quote

John Muir Quote

John Muir Quote:
“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”

Where will you be exploring next?

An Art Journal in my Bullet Journal. . .

. . . or a bullet journal in my art journal.

Art Journal, Bullet Journal

Over the years my daily journal has evolved into a combination of an art journal and a bullet journal.

Sometimes I art journal on one page of the spread and make my daily bullet lists on the other.

Art Journal/Bullet Journal Spread

Other times I rapid log first and art journal around it.

Art Journal/Bullet Journal Spread

Sometimes I art journal first and then make my daily logs in the empty spaces. And I can never resist a good inspirational quote.

Art Journal/Bullet Journal Spread

And some spreads are completely art journal pages.

Art Journal Spread

I’ve thought about having 2 separate journals, but I know I will end up doodling in the bullet journal, then gluing stuff in and be right back where I am now. Plus, I love paging through this journal and seeing my days and my art mingling together. What about you, what kind of journals do you keep?