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Along the Conestoga Greenway Trail

Take a Hike

The Conestoga Greenway Trail follows the border between the urban environment and the natural one.

Conestoga Greenway Trail

The sun cast shadows on the trees and created reflections in the river.

Tree Along Conestoga River

Scraps of sycamore bark lay on the ground with dried out leaves.

Sycamore Bark With Leaves

An old outbuilding provided contrast with the landscape as well a canvas for graffiti artists.

Concrete Rust And Nature

Some how this plaque found its way to the top of a rock.

Found Along the Trail

City Walk with my Camera

City Walk with my Camera

The sun was shining and the city streets were calling my name so I grabbed my camera and set off.

I found shadows,

Porch Railing Shadow

Tree Shadow

patches of sunlight,

Window Panes on Brick

an interesting window grid,

Window Grid

and a yellow pipe and board that all made interesting compositions.

Yellow Pipe

A Grey Walk in the Woods

Wednesday was a grey overcast day and the woods were mostly brown, but I was feeling the need for a day in nature so I took myself to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. It felt good to be out in the fresh air and listen to the sound of rushing water. And my leg muscles appreciated the workout, especially on that long hill.

middle-creek-trailmiddle-creekyellow-blaze  stone-chimneyelders-run-trail