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City Walk with my Camera

City Walk with my Camera

The sun was shining and the city streets were calling my name so I grabbed my camera and set off.

I found shadows,

Porch Railing Shadow

Tree Shadow

patches of sunlight,

Window Panes on Brick

an interesting window grid,

Window Grid

and a yellow pipe and board that all made interesting compositions.

Yellow Pipe

Using Photos as Inspiration

One day as I walked through the city, this pattern on the sidewalk caught my attention. I snapped a picture.
Sidewalk Pattern
Later, this image became the inspiration for the following collage.
Sidewalk Pattern in Mixed Media Collage

Day 1 of Taos Trip

Two weeks ago I took a trip to Taos, New Mexico. I was thoroughly enchanted by the adobe architecture and the expansive blue skies. On Day 1 I explored Taos Plaza and the surrounding area.

Taos Adobe

Photo of Taos Plaza

Storefront in Taos Plaza
Bell Tower of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church