Thursday Inspiration

Settle into your imperfections, use your brain and your hands to make something that represents you — not the way society and advertising tell you to be. By owning your voice and using that to create something authentic, you give a gift to yourself and to others who may be inspired by it.Jennifer Korsen

Lesson Learned: Doodle Collage

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Because I love books and I love making art, my bookcase is filled with books about making art. Every now and then I like to choose a project to make from one of these books.

For this collage, I combined two projects from Collage Journeys by Jane Davies: Doodle Collage and Paint Playground.

I decorated papers with doodles, paint, and stencils.

Doodle Collage Pages

I used those papers to create a collage in my art journal.

Doodle Collage

What I learned: New ways to create papers for use in collages & mixed media

What I like best: The contrast between the brightly colored and the black & white papers

Materials used: 

Thursday Inspiration

Literature has this magical ability to make you understand what life is like for someone completely different than you. A good book gives you an insight to another world.Beenish Ahmed