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Introducing Art Cards

My art cards are my mixed media playground. I use 3 1/2 by 5 index cards and store them in an old wooden box. The small size makes them quick to complete and easy to fit it among all my other daily tasks. Some days I only make 1, other days I might make up to 6.

Art Card Box

Sometimes I doodle in black and white

Black and White Doodle Art Card

Sometimes I collage with hand-painted papers.

Hand Painted Paper Art Card

Sometimes I combine black and white doodles with colorful papers.

Black and White plus Color Art Card

Sometimes I use purchased papers and my own photos.

Art Card with Photo

Sometimes I use cut up pages from magazines.

Magazine Pages Art Cards

Sometimes I use papers left over from other projects or images from books.

Art Card Materials

To see more of my art cards, follow me on Instagram, @bethbaxterstudio.

My Daily Journal


My Daily Journal is where I keep track of my days and get my daily creative fix.

daily journal full spread

I keep track of my daily activities bullet journal style.

I doodle and don’t worry about being messy.

daily journal doodle

I make bad sketches.

daily journal sketch

I use washi tape and add inspirational quotes.

daily journal washi tape & quote

I use stencils.

daily journal stencils

I include photos and keep a record of my travels.

daily journal travel

I glue in pictures from magazines I’m reading.

daily journal magazine clippings

I use stickers and here I even glued in an actual leaf.

daily journal leaf & sticker

Follow me on Instagram, @bethbaxterstudio, to see more spreads from my daily journal.