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Thursday Inspiration

Settle into your imperfections, use your brain and your hands to make something that represents you — not the way society and advertising tell you to be. By owning your voice and using that to create something authentic, you give a gift to yourself and to others who may be inspired by it.Jennifer Korsen

My Daily Journal


My Daily Journal is where I keep track of my days and get my daily creative fix.

daily journal full spread

I keep track of my daily activities bullet journal style.

I doodle and don’t worry about being messy.

daily journal doodle

I make bad sketches.

daily journal sketch

I use washi tape and add inspirational quotes.

daily journal washi tape & quote

I use stencils.

daily journal stencils

I include photos and keep a record of my travels.

daily journal travel

I glue in pictures from magazines I’m reading.

daily journal magazine clippings

I use stickers and here I even glued in an actual leaf.

daily journal leaf & sticker

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