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Flippin’ Trip Book

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I love books and I love making art, and have amassed quite a collection of art technique books. Periodically, I like to pick out a project to make. Last summer I had to cancel a planned trip because of a very sick cat and took a staycation instead. This Flippin’ Trip Book from Personal Geographies by Jill K. Berry was the perfect project to document my changed plans. Of course, because I’m great at starting projects, but not as good at finishing them, it took me until now to finish the book and blog about it.

Flippin' Trip Book Project from Personal Geographies

What I Learned: To measure accurately and follow assembly directions.

Flippin' Trip Book Cover

What I Like Best: The color palette I chose.

Flippin' Trip Book

What I Would Do Differently: I would paint the pull tab papers before assembling them.

Flippin' Trip Book Open

Materials Used:  Black mat board, Canson Mi-Tientes Paper, bristol board black Pitt Artist Pen, acrylic craft paints, washi tape, stickers from Stickertopia: The Museum, embroidery floss.


I’ve Been Busy Making Holiday Designs

For someone who can be a bit of Scrooge around the holidays, I had a lot of fun creating these designs. I thought you might like to see the steps of my process.

1.Painted paper with gold & silver high flow acrylics.

Gold & Silver Paint

2. Used my gel plate with acrylic paint and texture plates to add colors over the gold & silver paint. I chose red, green, purple, and turquoise.

Gel Plate, Texture Plate, & Paint

3. Cut up the papers.

Cut Paper

4. Made collages.


5. Laid out the text & graphics on the computer and placed the scanned papers and collages into the shapes.

Christmas Card Layour

6. Made repeating patterns from the graphics & design elements.

Christmas Patterns

7. The finished products, available in my Zazzle Shop.

Mixed Media Christmas